Sunday, February 11, 2007

Download Licensed software Freely and daily

Imagine the common concerns we all face. You are working on some downloaded software and suddenly it says your evaluation period is out. Or when you click on that too important tool bar it say.. "You are not licensed to use. Pay and download it and start enjoying". Now, to answer to all these problems we all need a licensed software and imagine if it comes freely!. That’s what you get at
What's it about :. You can download a licensed.. Yes I repeat a licensed software freely and daily from this site. All you need to do is to visit this site daily and see what's the software that they are offering for that day and if it suits your requirement, you have it for free.
Features The day's give away with details will be greeting you when you open the site with comments from already who downloaded it. And remember, it is strictly for a day and the time also is indicated how much is left before a new software replaces this one. They have RSS feeds option to keep you updated and allowing you not to miss the cool downloads. You can also spread the word by choosing to keep their banner on your blogs/web sites. You have the option to look into archives and know what’s offered but you certainly cannot download them any more.
Usefulness Well to all of us who are interested in getting the licensed software for our own use, we can get it free of cost here. It has variety of downloads ranging from virus check software to games and music and movie related software to educational software.
Conclusion:Well the catch word is free but with some stars on its top corner. you know what I mean.. Conditions apply. And what are they? "under specific Terms and Conditions, which limit the software usage to non-commercial only, and may also limit software updates and technical support".


Edie said...

You write very well.

Anonymous said...

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