Sunday, February 4, 2007

I heard about this site( from my newspaper snippet and wanted to check what it is. And here are my observations and comments.This web site is for online purchase of groceries. Currently this is serving the people of Bangalore only and soon planning to expand to other cities. It has got good range of categories ranging from rice to powders, sanitary napkins tocereals etc. All you need to do is to get register herewhich is free and activate your membership via the mail sent to your mail box. Pretty much similar to many such sites. Once youregister you can search the online stores for the things you need and add to yourshopping cart. The prices are lesser than the MRP rates on the goods. This might attract you to go for it!. You can pay the bills in three different ways. Either through your credit card or through you debit card or after receiving the goods by cash. There is a service tax of 10% if you are paying through credit card and 5%in the other two ways. Also, thereis shipping and delivery charges of 12.5% in all three cases.The minimum amount of purchase as of now is Rs500. So, if you shopfor Rs500 then you need to pay 500 + 12.5*500 + 5*500 =Rs587.5. The advantage of this site is they service throughout Bangalore. You are relived of the parking fees and parking tensions. Sitting at your home / office you can order and get your monthly groceries delivered to your doorstep. The only problem I see is the amount of service charges. But I think that is compensated as the prices are lesser than the MRP. So, sometimes, when you are too lazy to drive on the traffic and happy watching your favorite DVD and want your groceries for next week's party.. you may opt for this site.. Visit them at Please note that, I am just a user like many and is not related in anyway with this site or its promoters

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