Monday, February 19, 2007

National Portal of India

What's it about: Its the national portal of India to provide single window access to information and services provided by various Indian government bodies.
Features: The purpose of this portal is to provide the information on the services being provided by various government agencies for the citizens and other stakeholders. The portal claims "An attempt has been made through this Portal to provide comprehensive, accurate, and reliable and one stop source of information about India and its various facets".Once you visit this site, from here you can access many Indian government sites. You can book your train tickets and send e-post clicking from here as these links are available here.There are different categories to cater to different people. Like for citizens of India, you can get the details about Health,educatin,employement,housing,law and order etc details. Once you enter into a particular field, you will get to know what various schemes are available from government on that chosen field and also links to official websites of representing those ministries.

There is a How do I? section which gives details on how you can get a birth certificate, PAN number, Passport, Driving license etc and also the relevant forms are available for download.

Other sections like Business deals with how you can set up your own business, what forms are required from your side and what is the procedure of registering a company etc. These details are broken down to state level meaning how you have to deal with each state.

For overseas persons who want to visit India, this site provides details like Know India where you can find the culture and heritage of India and how to get visa and what options are there to study in India etc.They have the up to date news scrolling on their home page so you will not be missing what’s happening around when you are on this site.The information on this site is enormous and one has to visit and explore it as it is difficult to write everything here.You can get register here and you will get a personalized portal dealing with your state specific details and links to state specific government agencies based on your profile.

Conclusion: A great site to know the details of government of India and its policies. Links at various places, too, have been provided to other Indian Government Portals/websites.Visit them at

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