Friday, February 9, 2007

Links to American Literature sites

Name of the site :

What's it about : This site has a treasure of information and links to various literary sites. Here you can find the sites related to American literature, General literature, Sites where you can read online, Nineteenth-Century Periodicals and Primary Sources and some other Miscellaneous Resources
Features : Search the site option available using which you can search the site for any literary information

Look and placements : This is no nonsense no popups and limited jpg site. Meaning, most of it is in text and hyper links to other sites. So, it should load fast.

Usefulness: This site is mostly useful for all those literarory lovers who would like to have the information about American or general literature. They can jump from here. Make it as your home page and start moving to all the literature banks and start gaining knowledge and have the reading pleasure. There is a link on the top of the site to quizzes and crossword puzzles. So, if you are preparing for any literary quiz competition you should have a look at it first. They have an online quiz bank with questions and multiple answers and you can click on the correct answer. If your answer is correct a smiley :) comes other wise a big X So you know what’s correct and what’s not. This site has prominent links displayed on the top portion and they link to American authors, brief time line of American literature and events (from pre 1620 to 1920)and links to literary movements. This would help any research scholar who is looking information for his doctorate degree.There is a site update weblog also available which should help frequent visitors to have know the updates from time to time.

Conclusion: A great site for literature lovers with lots of links to variety of literary movements and periodicals.

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