Thursday, February 8, 2007

New tabbed search engine

These days we are flooded with tabbed browsers. I don’t have to name them here as all of us know them very well. Now for a change we have tabbed search engine. Yes. "The internet's first and only search tool to feature tabbed results" is the welcome message you get to read when you visit the site

So what? Is it a new search engine? No, it is not a new search engine. It only places your results in tabbed fashion for your convenience. You don’t have to have a tabbed browser for this. It basically gives an option to search either goggle or yahoo or both and the results are shown in tabbed pages. That's not the only feature it has, but a lot many. Like for example
* You can do a bulk search with a single click. Meaning you can search the terms SAP and Oracle at the same time by using ++ sign (SAP++Oracle) your results are shown in different tabs one for SAP and other for oracle. You have both at the same time and saving your time
* You can use a first term repeater : meaning if you want case studies of SAP and oracle, type case studies//SAP++ORACLE and you have both displayed in different tabs
* Similarly you can try last term repeater with \\ (sap++oracle\\installations)

* It has got its own RSS feed database and if you need any RSS feed specific to your need and it happens to be there in its database you can search like “)news” and you get all rss feeds for news

*and you can save your search terms and search results by creating quick tags.

So, all in all it’s in its beta version and slowly gaining popularity and promising to come up with great user experience. One more thing. you have the option to sponsor the search results and that too for a meager amount ($50 for a year) and your company logo and link to your website is displayed on the search results page. As it's in its nascent state, only 6-10 sponsors are there so they repeat every time you search and on every tab your results are shown..

Its time to grab the slot before its occupied.

Only problem I encountered is its pretty slow.. may be my network is slow?

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