Monday, February 5, 2007 ..Watch / Know Bangalore traffic online
All bangaloreans can cheer up now and know the traffic update online. This is very interactive site and tells the status of the traffic slow / smooth for all directions of the bangalore North, south, East, West, Central.
Also you can get the directions from one place to another. very intutive and information is provided. This is on the lines of or google maps. Localized for bangaloreans.

It also provides the BMTC bus details and their route information.

One more!. you can add the map to your blogs/ websites!. Here I tried. Just check it out.

Cheer up! It's great to know about traffic so that we can plan! This is ofcourse now in Beta version.. but I believe that this soon will become a much used and more appreciated site!
congratulations to the site creators!

Krishna vippagunta

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