Sunday, February 25, 2007

Winner of 6th Britannica Internet guide,this site is very popular( and is already been reviewd by major channels and I don;t have to write anything more about it. But would like to share my own experiences with this site.
They have a section to get lucky names by numerology and I use that section quite often and it has given me good results also. From their message boards section, we could find maid agencies in and around bangalore and could reach one and get a maid also. Ofcourse, the service of the agency after the payment is not up to the mark which cannot be blamed on this site anyway.

A very good and informative site for all parents and would be parents. It talks about stories to be told to our children to tips for their upbringing and informs about the responsibilities of parents. They have sections like Indian culture, Indian stories and legends, Indian prayers, Children Rhymes and songs and many more.

A must visit for all married people as they have some thing or other for them.

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