Friday, February 23, 2007

For hungry Bangaloreans.. Find out who offers what and where..

Bangaloreans can now find the restaurants near to their place and order online. This services is offered to you by

It’s probably one of its kind of a site where you can search what hotels and restaurants that are operating in a particular area. The site claims to have details about more than 150 restaurants and the list is growing.

So, what’s the fun? I can google them also Yeah. You can google and get their contact numbers also. But, this site shows what the menu that particular restaurant is having and also the indicative price. So, you can choose your food and restaurant based on the weight of your wallet. Also, there is an option to reserve a seat to avoid disappointments at later stage. If you are not I a mood to visit, you can order online also.. and what’s more.. the service is free. Keep in mind that not all restaurants of this site offer these services but there are plenty which are participating in this service.

If you are in a mood to relinquish the tastes of Rajastani or Persian or simple south Indian, just search the hotels according to their specialty and enjoy their dishes. If you don't have time to order during the work day, order ahead and specify a later preparation time and delivery time.

You can browse through different recipes submitted by members. You can also submit a secret recipe and win free meal vouchers and if you want to provide a feedback on a restaurant you can do so for the benefit of all others.

You can plan a party by providing your details and I think they will contact you with options. I haven’t tried yet this option though! They have a good FAQ section both for customers and for restaurant owners to know more in detail about their services.

Conclusion: Next time you want to give a party or want to enjoy a special variety of food.. you know now where to log on to. ..


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