Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Want to share with world? Diggit

Digg is your way of sharing what you think is appropriate. We come across innumerable number of articles, videos or a podcast during our routine searching. And once you are impressed with it, we would like to share it with our friends. Now you have the option to share it with the entire world. Just digg it. Meaning, submit the piece to days, we are finding a hyper link on the corners or below the articles or videos which says "Add to digg". You just have to click on that link and you are ready to share it with world.
What happens to your submission? After you submit, it will appear in the "upcoming stories" events of the page where other members can find it and if they like it, they digg. It. Once your article acquires some critical number of diggs, it becomes popular and will be moved to the homepage of that particular section. Now that way you can become popular.
If you don’t want to submit anything, just visit this site and read what is hot and what other people are reading or sharing. If you like something, you can comment or discuss about it with other members. And if you find it abusive, then you can notify it. If you don’t like it or if you feel it’s a spam, bury it and if all members feel the same, the article is buried and will be removed from the content.
The site is essentially a user driven social content website where surfers like us are building up the content. Its very useful to know and keep you updated with news or technology related happenings and also to view videos or podcasts.
And one more good reason to dig is, those links or articles are stored under your login name and you can retrieve them where ever you want. Essentially you are carrying your information with you not on your memory stick but on world wide web!. All it takes is to become a member of

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